EDI Representation Transitions to WTG in Montana

September 2, 2016 3:28 pm

EDI is bidding farewell to its longtime sales representative in Montana. After almost twelve years representing EDI in Montana, Doug Mitch, of Able Wright, Inc., will consolidate their technical offerings to concentrate on their core business of disinfection and chemical feed systems.

Transitioning over the next few months, he will hand the reins over to the Water Technology Group (WTG) of Denver, Colorado. WTG will add Montana to its current Colorado and Wyoming service territory as EDI sales representatives. This provides plenty of time for a smooth transition for our customers and staff.

EDI wishes to express its gratitude to Doug for his loyal, effective service, and has high confidence that he will sufficiently prepare WTG to step into his shoes to continue his legacy of attentive, detail-oriented customer service. Meanwhile, customers are encouraged to contact EDI with any questions or concerns.

Doug Mitch
Able Wright, Inc.
Tel: (406)250-8389  \  Fax: (406)826-7013

Jesse Kuntz-Sales Engr.
Water Technology Group
Tel: (303)584-9000\Fax: (303)584-9920