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Water Technology Group, Inc., is the area’s leader in the sales and service of water and wastewater treatment equipment and pumping systems. For over 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the most creative & innovative water and wastewater treatment and pumping solutions to municipal, industrial and commercial customers. With our lineup of industry leading manufacturers, we have the resources to provide the solutions to your specific requirements.

We serve the markets of Colorado, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming. Water Technology Group is a Cogent company, one of nine best-in-class partner companies providing pumping and process equipment solutions for specific vertical markets.



  • EDI Representation Transitions to WTG in Montana

    EDI is bidding farewell to its longtime sales representative in Montana. After almost twelve years representing EDI in Montana, Doug Mitch, of Able Wright, Inc., will consolidate their technical offerings to concentrate on their core business of disinfection and chemical feed systems.

    Transitioning over the next few months, he will . . .

  • Introducing Terminodour™ - Odour Control from Kusters Water

    Terminodour™ positive pressure ionisation systems treats the inlet air to the building or structure. The Introduction of ionised air results in effective odour abatement within the structure ensuring compliant discharge to atmosphere, with the additional benefit of producing superior indoor air quality, which reduces corrosion and provides a safer . . .


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